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I am a founding partner in the consultancy, TomorrowToday, a business started by three friends who wanted to change the world! I remember early discussions and dreams of having clients on every continent, working with leading international brands and institutions, being regarded as thought leaders in our field and building a business that modelled the ‘new world of work’. It was a compelling dream and one that attracted many others along the way.

Where we find ourselves today is to have exceeded our highest expectations. We have had tremendous fun along the way, met some amazing people and deepened friendships and partnerships, had opportunity to imagine and create, learnt valuable lessons, survived crushing economic downturns and have explored this world in ways that would have been unimaginable all those years ago.

TomorrowToday is a global business that helps our clients navigate the unfolding future. We work with our clients to build an understanding concerning the why and how of change and how respond accordingly. Essentially we help others ‘look out the window’ and then bring coherency to the ensuing conversation and actions. Our work has involved engaging multiple industries and cultures and this in itself has been a source of rich and on-going learning. We do this through keynote presentations, workshops, articles and books, formal teaching (leadership) programmes and training.

In this context my focus is primarily on leadership. In a world that has changed, leadership needs to change; the world has changed. I am passionate about what this means at both a personal and at an organisational level. I have been privileged to explore this subject in diverse settings and contexts in ways that have both deepened and grown my appreciation and understanding of this important topic.

I would describe myself as a futurist, a traveller, a learner, an author, a teacher and presenter. I recall words from a Mentor of mine who many years ago counselled me: “Never worry about the size of the stage in life that you feel called to perform on; worry more that you have something worthwhile to say”.

My quest is to have, ‘something worthwhile to say’.