The Enemy Within: Rebuilding the DNA of a future fit organization

What is holding you and your organisation back from truly achieving your goals? Is it just the turbulent world, the aggressive competition, the changing market conditions and new, complex expectations of customers and stakeholders? Or could it be that there is something inside that’s holding you back? Could it be that your organisational DNA itself needs to change? Do you have an enemy within?

TomorrowToday has done extensive work assisting leaders and companies ‘look out the window’ at a changing world and then bring coherency to the disruption that we’re all facing.

We have repeatedly seen that, in response to a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (a ‘VUCA’ world), companies know that they need to change. We have also seen that in many cases companies also know ‘what that change is’. And yet, in spite of all this, the ability to change seems beyond them.

Why is this the case?

We believe that the reason is because there is an ‘enemy within’. There is internal ‘stuff’ that prevents, inhibits or nullifies the essential changes that you know are needed: changes that might well determine your future and whether or not you have one. Many organisations are incapable of the agility, nimbleness and speed that are all necessary DNA elements to thrive in a VUCA world.

The Enemy Within addresses these internal elements in a dynamic and engaging manner that will bring fresh insights into the real challenges you’re facing. It identifies the ‘stuff’ getting in the way of becoming what it is you (as individuals and companies) need to be in order to safeguard your future. It is about your organisational DNA, and what needs to be done to make yourself fit for the future.

The Enemy Within is not a ‘change management process’ – it goes far beyond simply believing that if you ‘grease the wheels’ (change management processes), you will thrive in the future. It explores deeper underlying root causes that are getting in the way of the changes you know are essential. The Enemy Within puts in the crosshairs of your sights three powerful questions that will identify exactly what it is you need to do in order to make these changes and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

The Enemy Within is delivered as both a keynote, suitable for leaders and leadership conferences, and/or an interactive workshop over a half-day or full day depending on your requirements and constraints.

Business Outcomes

  • Identifying deep seated internal obstacles hindering change and adaptation in your organisation
  • Identifying the mind-sets, behaviours and skill-sets necessary for thriving in a ‘VUCA’ world
  • Provides clarity and motivation around building an organisational culture that is agile, nimble and responsive to the external challenges you are encountering
  • Assists in shining a spotlight on those issues holding your organisation hostage and limiting your success
  • Provides a blueprint for building the 21st Century organisation – the organisation of the future


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