South Africa Today and Tomorrow: The trends that point to a brighter future, and what we can do to make it a reality

In South Africa, we find ourselves on the edge again.  Two decades after our democracy was born it’s hard to leave our teenage years and head into adulthood.  Like any young adult, we’re sensing the difficulty of change and making decisions that will secure our future.  And it’s causing stress and strain right now.

But there is hope.  Key trends and future forces point to a path that leads to success.  It will take effort from everyone and every part of society, but a successful South Africa is possible – in fact, it’s the most likely future scenario right now.  South Africa Today and Tomorrow is an inspiring presentation put together by the team at TomorrowToday, one of SA’s leading futurist consultancies and their team of trend strategists.  It looks at key economic and societal indicators, and what they tell us about where we are and where we’re going.  It provides insight into what makes countries and societies succeed or fail.  And inspires South Africans with practical ideas on how to work together for success.

TomorrowToday has assembled a team of top presenters to bring this message of insight and hope to South Africans.  For more information and to make a booking for one of them to come and speak to your team, please contact Vicky Coats on or +27 84 556 7125.

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