Rethinking Strategy: Turning strategy formation and execution on its head – so that it really works

Engaging in the what and how of ‘Strategic Planning’ has been part of every business school curriculum for the past several decades. Within this context we have all been taught Porter’s model of formulating strategy and it has been served as a reliable framework as to how strategy ‘gets done’. As a result sophisticated methodologies around data capturing, analyzing that data, execution and implementation have all been centre stage to our understanding of ‘strategic planning’. The process has consumed vast amounts of time, energy and budget. Will this understanding of strategic intent and practice need to change as we navigate the uncertain future? We believe it will – and must. Rethinking Strategy: Back to the Future navigates this change.

But, the reality is that often very little of what we say we need to do, gets done. (The statistics suggest that less than 10% of strategic plans get implemented). So why is this?

Planning for the future in a world that is constantly changing makes little sense. Rethinking Strategy: Back to the Future traces the roots behind ‘why we plan the way we do’ when it comes to strategy and then proposes another (smarter) way forward. It provides a compass for strategically navigating the new world of work.

The journey into the future is illuminated by an understanding of the past. Using Jomini’s (a Prussian general during the time of Napoleon) model of strategy we develop an understanding of the need for ‘strategic intuition’ – what this is and how to develop it. For many, the term ‘strategic intuition’ constitutes an oxymoron and as such makes little sense – especially in the light of what we have always been Tomorrow’s competitive advantage today taught. However, using compelling case studies and a sound framework, strategic intuition is investigated in a manner that brings together the best of strategic theory and practice.

Given that everyone can – and should be – involved in thinking strategically, Rethinking Strategy: Back to the Future becomes a relevant presentation for the entire organization but is highly suitable for strategic conferences and executive /leadership break-a-ways as well as the boardroom.

Business Outcomes

  • Delegates will have a contextual understanding for strategic formulation and implementation
  • Delegates will understand the future challenges when it comes to strategic intent within an organization
  • Delegates will have a framework for shaping strategic thinking in the new world of work
  • Specific mindsets and skill sets will be identified to cultivate and nurture strategic thinking throughout your organization or company

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