Mind the Gap: Understand and get the most out of different generations

The presentation or workshop helps participants understand why people older and younger than themselves have different value systems, and how a generation gap influences attitudes and behaviours. Very simply stated, our value system is that part of us that decides what is right and wrong, good and bad, normal and weird. In other words, it governs our expectations, our attitudes and our behaviours. Our value systems are shaped in the first decade or so of our lives, and are formed through a complex interaction of factors, from religious and cultural factors to economic, social and political issues that were prevalent during our childhood. Even the curriculum we were exposed to at school influences us. Generational theory therefore looks at the era in which you were born, and shows you the impact this has on your worldview – even today!

The session itself is a fun look back at the last century and the forces that shaped people older and younger than yourself. You’ll identify key forces that shaped different generations, and understand why they act and react as they do today. We realize that these are generalisations, and we’re careful to show how you should use these insights in wise and useful ways. We then apply generational theory to a variety of areas in the world of work. These practical applications will be suitable for the audience and the event, and discussed in advance of the session. They can includes how to attract, retain and engage employees; how to connect with valued customers and service clients across the generations; training people from different generations, and improved communications; strategies, products and services that will appeal to different generations; or any other topic that will be of benefit to your organisation.

The session will also show participants how to use generational theory as the basis for developing strategies to improve the effectiveness of multinational and multicultural teams, and the leaders who must lead and manage them. As such it can be a very effective method of kick starting significant work on diversity and difference in your organisation.

Take Home Value

By the end of the session, participants will:

  • Understand WHY younger and older generations think and act differently.
  • Know HOW to connect more appropriately to the underlying values that drive attitudes and behaviour of different generations.
  • BE more confident in their approach to younger and older staff and customers.
  • Have numerous practical ideas of WHAT to do to improve inter-generational connections.
  • Have the ability and resources to take generational understanding back to the office and empower staff and leaders to understand and apply these insights.
  • Improved effectiveness of multinational and multicultural teams, and the leaders who must lead and manage them.

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