Leading Difference: The new reality of a globalised workplace

For the contemporary leader, leading diversity (difference) is simply not optional. It is an aspect of leadership that has significant consequences – both good and bad, depending on how well leaders engage with the challenge that leading diversity poses. Leading diversity involves both head and heart and it is as much an inward journey for the leader, as it is an outward one.

Leading Difference identifies a helpful framework for understanding exactly what diversity is (and isn’t) and then identifies and explores five practical insights that leaders ‘need to see’ if they are to successfully lead diversity. This latest framework and presentation has been an international collaboration bringing together the very best of TomorrowToday’s thinking, experience and strategic insights. It offers a fresh and unique take on a subject that has perplexed many a leader and organization.

Leading Difference: The new reality of a globalized workplace is suitable for all levels of leadership within your organization and can be done as either a keynote address or as a workshop

Business Outcomes

  • A strategic and global context for understanding diversity and why it is so important
  • A clear and distinctive framework for understanding diversity
  • A practical roadmap as to how best to engage with diversity from both a personal leadership and an organizational point of view
  • Insights as to the benefits of engaging with diversity
  • A realistic understanding of what it will take to meaningfully embrace diversity
  • Participants will be able to identify ‘what they need to do next’ when it comes to leading diversity

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