Leading in a Changing World

Leading in a Changing World uncovers what leaders need to know, do and be in order to lead confidently and effectively into the future.

The framework underpinning this presentation explores and unpacks the global ‘VUCA’ context and provides key insights into not simply what has changed but why it has changed. From this launchpad, an appropriate leadership response is clearly articulated, one that identifies four key leadership responses to this ‘VUCA’ context.

The four leadership responses are:

  • Vision: The need for leaders to understand how they see (the world). Understanding the lenses through which we see is essential in understanding how we then interpret, decide and act
  • Understanding: Intentionally build frameworks of understanding – something that allows leaders to make sense of the many paradoxes being experienced
  • Connection: An essential need is for leaders to effectively connect with their constituency (both internally and externally). The rules around connection have changed. What does this mean for leaders in both how they think and act when it comes to connection?
  • Agility: The leadership imperative is for leadership agility. This is both a personal and organisational need without which surviving the future is unlikely. How do leaders and organisations ensure that they build the capacity for agility?


This session can be delivered as a keynote presentation or strategic input, lasting between 45 and 90 minutes. We use full multimedia, laced with humour and relevant case studies. The keynote is adapted for each audience, and can be made industry-specific or function-specific in its application and focus.

The session can be delivered as a workshop, either half day or full day.

The session can be used in conjunction with an internal leadership development programme or strategic initiuative.

Take home value:

By the end of this session participants will:

  • Understand the importance of ‘context’ in any leadership discussion and practice
  • Have a clear framework and understanding of the new global leadership context
  • Have a framework for rethinking their own (and the organisation’s) leadership mind-set and practice
  • Be provided with key insights as to what it means to lead in a changing world
  • Have practical tools as to how to lead both in and through change
  • Be in position to identify the next steps in the ‘leadership journey’ at both a personal and an organisational level

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