The Presentations

We work hard at TomorrowToday to ask the questions that aren’t being asked and then to build framewords of understanding that illuminate insights into the specific area of focus – be that leadership, talent, disruption, diversity etc.

These frameworks, as part of their evolutionary process, are turned into dynamic, edu-taining keynote presentations. What this means is that the presentaions that I do are underpinned by global experience, research and the very best of our TomorrowToday thinking.

The keynote presentations can be fully customized, are always being updated and are enhanced by the selective use of multi-media. Business Schools and institutions, including London Business School, Duke CE, GIBS and the East West Centre, Hawaii repeatedly request my input in their premier leadership programmes globally.

The Enemy Within

enemy within squareWhat is holding you and your organisation back from truly achieving your goals?  Is it just the turbulent world, the aggressive competition, the changing market conditions and new, complex expectations of customers and stakeholders?  Or could it be that there is something inside that’s holding you back?  Could it be that your organisational DNA itself needs to change?  Do you have an enemy within?

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Mind the Gap

mindthegapsquareThis multi-media, humour-filled presentation or workshop looks at why people younger and older than yourself see the world in such different ways, and how a generation gap influences attitudes and behaviours. By understanding the impact of different generational value systems, inside and outside your organisation, you can improve customer relationships, the productivity and interactions of your teams, and gain insights that will ensure you get the most out of the people you interact with every day. Understand what shaped and formed Boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Y, and why younger and older people – staff, customers, family and friends – have such different expectations and approaches to life, leadership, work and relationships.

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Leading in a Changing World

leading in a changing world squareWhat does it mean to lead effectively in a changing world? What we do know is that if the world has changed, leadership needs to change. The world has changed. This keynote presentation / workshop explores the changed leadership context – or what futurists label the ‘VUCA world’: a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Understanding the changed leadership context is an essential first step in then exploring and articulating an appropriate leadership response by way of both mind-set and behaviour.

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Rethinking Strategy

rethinking strategy squareEngaging in the what and how of ‘Strategic Planning’ has been part of every business school curriculum for the past several decades. Within this context we have all been taught Porter’s model of formulating strategy and it has been a served as a reliable framework as to how strategy ‘gets done’. As a result sophisticated methodologies around data capturing, analyzing that data, execution and implementation have all been centre stage to our understanding of ‘strategic planning’. The process has consumed vast amounts of time, energy and budget. Will this understanding of strategic intent and practice need to change as we navigate the uncertain future? We believe it will – and must. Rethinking Strategy navigates this change.

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Bring out the Best in Others

Bringing out the Best in others

The presentation poses the question: “How can I be a great leader?” . The Invitational Leadership model offers impactful and practical insights, when it comes to the practice of leadership. It is built on three assumptions that start with a recognition that there is a ‘best in everyone’.

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Leading Difference

Leading difference squareFor the contemporary leader, leading diversity (difference) is simply not optional. This presentation identifies a helpful framework for understanding exactly what diversity is (and isn’t) and then identifies and explores five practical insights that leaders ‘need to see’ if they are to successfully lead diversity.

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TIDES of Change

tides of change squareWe live in turbulent times – that much is obvious.  But it’s a lot more than just an economic downturn that causing it.  We are living at a moment in history when all the forces of change are combining to produce an era-changing period.  The political, corporate, social and personal rules for success and failure are all being rewritten. To survive and thrive in these uncertain times, it is essential that your whole team has an understanding of the forces that are reshaping your industry’s landscape. Based on detailed research into macro-economic, political and social trends, this programme will help you do just that – by focusing on five key disruptive forces that are going to change the way we live and work in the next decade. The five forces are: Technology, Institutional change, Demographics, the Environment and shifting Societal values. These are the T.I.D.E.S. of change. A guaranteed paradigm shaker, this powerful presentation or workshop overviews each of the trends, providing gripping examples, insightful case studies and powerful implications tailored for your business.

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The Enneagram

enneagram squareYou lead out of who you are. Authentic leadership is always about character rather than personality whilst the context for leadership has shifted in the connected and globalized world in which leaders lead. To exercise leadership you need to build a systematic framework that will yield a bigger picture and give you access to a larger field of understanding and action. This starts with personal mastery. It starts with knowing yourself and building on one’s strengths. This dynamic workshop offers profound insights into why we act, relate and lead the way we do. It can be applied to a wide context within your business including leadership development, personal mastery, sales, customer relations, teamwork and really any part of your life and business that has to do with people!

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Savvy Leadership

Natural horsemanship – or what is commonly referred to as ‘horse whispering’ invites profound learning around how to lead others. It is experiential learning at its best and there is almost no limit to the take home benefits on offer through this engaging morning. Situated in the tranquil Dargle area of the KZN Midlands, this experience can form part of your breakaway or simply be something different that you decide to do with your team. Combining the well-qualified insights of Charlene Bronner and the leadership experience within TomorrowToday, the morning paints the future context for leadership and then presents practical lessons and feedback on one’s own leadership style and engagement. It is a morning that offers ‘serious fun’ when it comes to learning more about oneself and leadership.

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Thinking Like a Futurist

Thinking like a futurist squareGo “behind the scenes” of the work and insights of a futurist. This workshop will share the five key steps required to scan the horizon of your industry and company’s marketplace, and show you how to spot the trends, cycles, patterns and systems that will impact you in the near future. Using case studies from TomorrowToday’s work with top international companies, we will illustrate the value of watching the future, especially in a world characterised by change and uncertainty. You’ll leave inspired to spend just a little bit of time every day lifting your eyes up from your day to day activities, and watching the horizon of your work and career. And by doing so, you’ll feel more confident to face the turbulence of the times we live in.

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South Africa Today and Tomorrow

South Africa Today Tomorrow-03Key trends and future forces point to a path that leads to success.  It will take effort from everyone and every part of society, but a successful South Africa is possible – in fact, it’s the most likely future scenario right now.  South Africa Today and Tomorrow is an inspiring presentation put together by the team at TomorrowToday, one of SA’s leading futurist consultancies and their team of trend strategists.

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