Client Comments

“Don’t expect the ordinary business school approach. Expect dynamic, world class, out of the box frameworks and service delivery that will truly bring about authentic change and Leadership growth in your organization as it has done for SPAR / us. TomorrowToday has become a business partner that is helping us build capacity for the future.” – Mike Nel, Spar Group

An excellent choice. Informed, articulate, well prepared, engaged with me the client through the planning process. Delivered a fantastic presentation and was a highlight of our event.” – Genesys

“Keith’s presentation was interactive, informative and thought-provoking. He is a brilliant presenter and kept the audience engaged throughout the session.” -Sandira Chaithram, Alexander Forbes

“I first met Keith in 2002, when I invited him to speak at the East-West Center in the Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP), our flagship leadership education program. His pilot teaching was so successful that I have invited Keith back annually ever since for periods of 2-3 weeks modular teaching on i) the nature of leadership in a globalizing world, ii) learning how to learn leadership, and iii) learning to lead diversity.  We have now worked together for the past nine years.  His evaluations have consistently been the best in the program and he remains one of the most insightful people I know in the world on leadership.” -Nicholas H. Barker (Ph.D.) Director, Asia Pacific Leadership Program

“Keith was one of the presenters at the 2007, 2008 and 2010 Global Leadership Conferences in Shanghai  / Beijing and I and my business graduate students accompanied me to these Conferences were of the unanimous opinion that Keith was the top presenter at the conferences.   His presentations were clear, provocative, and very engaging and very relevant to the conference topic of Global Business Leadership in the twenty-first century.  Keith has a gift for distilling complex ideas down into their very comprehensible components, and for making these ideas not only understandable, but also inspiring and exciting.   After his presentations, I asked him to join me and my students for follow on discussions, which led to the invitations to speak to us at the University of San Diego in San Diego.” Bob Schoultz, Director Master of Science in Global Leadership, University of San Diego, 5998 Alcala Park, San Diego, California, 92110 USA

“I met Keith, who I contacted following a recommendation, and spent a morning with him to discuss the needs of the event. I was concerned that I was not explaining the “feel” that I desired adequately, but Keith took time to ensure that he thoroughly understood our requirements. Within a short time, he delivered a set of proposals that included a detailed agenda and included effective ideas on linking the recreational activities that were planned for the evenings to the business content.” – Brett Garrod, Director Supply Chaing EMEA, Ethicon – Brussels

“Keith was highly effective in de-mystifying strategic planning / thinking. He had an extremely extensive knowledge of the topic and invaluable insights into the future of strategic thinking / planning.”

“Really good session. Keith made me think deeply – more than any other strategy session I have attended.”

“The discussion on strategy was very valuable and insightful. Lecturer style of presentation was excellent!”

“An absolute privilege. Brilliant! The best Presenter ever!”

“Keith is an extraordinary person and it was an honour to be part of his class. An exceptional experience.”

“His experience around the world make the credibility of his material than much more significant”

“Very different approach and mindset. Inspirational. Great perspective and insight.”

“Keith was great. He made me look at things differently.”

“Absolutely mind blowing. So enjoyed it!”

“Keith was able to contextualize strategy to what it should be. Powerful stuff.”

“Keith is very good at what he does and he is profoundly knowledgeable.”

– GIBS Executive Development Programmes: Standard Group

“This was the first time someone got me thinking about the way I do things. Keith also has a phenomenal way of facilitating, he is well read, traveled and really passionate about his work. He really takes pride in what he does. He is excellent.” – GIBS Nedbank Senior Management Programme

“Unforgettable session. Will always remember…don’t mistake speed for direction. I have started learning how to think.”

“Invigorating and mind shattering presentation by just changing perspectives.”

“We will remember this session for a long time. Completely out of the box.”

“Amazing, radical, out of the box. Great thought provoker. Congratulations!! Best session from my perspective. Informative, considerate, fitted my needs.”

– GIBS Executive Developmenet Programmes: Unicef

Hi Keith, thank you very much for your participation at the recent GLC 7 Conference. Again, your individual session was rated one of the best. The Saturday morning panel too was a big hit at the conference. I believe that it was in big part due to your suggestion of changing and designing the format of the Q.&A. session.  Several participants have told me that it should have been a 3-hour session. I hope that we will have chance to work together again in the future.
Again, thank you very much.
Philip Hwang, PhD
Keith has presented at GLC 2007, 2008 &  2010 held in  Shanghai / Beijing, China and has been invited onto the GLC International Board.” – From the Global Leaders Conference (GLC), Shanghai, China

“This little note to let you know what a raging success Wednesday’s Principals Institute presentation on the Enneagram has been. The course evaluation forms represent one of the best returns I have known – with almost universal 5 out of 5 for the presentation, its content and its value to the folk there. You have earned a place as a Provincial Treasure to our profession. with your willingness to share, and your particular ability to do so as you do.” – Dudley Forde, (PhD) Principals Institute of South Africa

“As a creative leader and educator in South Africa and internationally, Keith Coats has shown tremendous courage in management and leadership.  In South Africa his professional status was held in high regard. Keith Coats believes strongly in the adage to, “ Teach a man to fish. ” His ability to teach through problem based scenarios and narrative provided him with credibility. He facilitates and accommodates multi-cultural diversity internationally. In so doing he promotes and grounds practitioners as thinking and reflexive professionals.” – Frida Rundell  (PhD.) Professor International Institute for Restorative Practices


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