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On Leadership: The glory of uncertainty

On Leadership: The glory of uncertainty

Tweet Leaders have traditionally been conditioned to be certain. Conditioned to know the answer and instill confidence in leading the way forward. After all, isn’t that exactly what good leadership is all about? Not necessarily. The problem with certainty is that it leaves no room for learning. Mark Twain said, “It is not what we […]

Oh when the Reds go marching in

Tweet It started as an overheard conversation in Delhi, India and ended up as an unforgettable day in London, England. Specifically, Wembley stadium. The over-heard conversation was between delegates on a leadership programme in which I was involved. They were chatting about how one of their number had tickets for the soon to be played […]

About Time Rotary!

Tweet Several years ago I was privileged to be selected for the Rotary’s Group Study Exchange Programme. Four candidates and our Rotarian team leader spent six weeks in Toronto, Canada. There we met senior business and community leaders including lunch with the Canadian debuty Prime Minister. It was a wonderful experience and we all benefitted […]

London Bridge is Falling Down

Tweet I am sure that like me, there are many sitting in a state of stunned non-comprehension at what is unfolding across the UK. What started out as fairly innocuous protests have spread into mob rule and urban terror, the likes of which Britain has never experienced. How did things escalate so quickly? Why have […]

Body Parts

Leadership and Diversity: Naming Body Parts

Tweet I remember once reading that middle-age happens when you keep thinking that in a couple of weeks you’ll be back to normal. To be honest I am not sure that I am clear as to exactly what constitutes ‘normality’ – or at least if I once was, I no longer am. This applies particularly […]


Eyes Wide Shut: Visionary Leadership

Tweet ‘It’s your turn,’ accompanied by a rib-breaking jab to my side proved to be a firm deterrent to any further sleep and left me in no doubt that to protest would be about as successful as Custer’s last stand. Arising from the fog of coma-like slumber when all the sane world is sleeping is […]

My Book Cover

Everything I Know About Leadership I Learnt From The Kids: Part 1

Tweet “I’m six now” were the first words to greet me on the morning of 1 December (a nice change to the usual rasping…”coffee”, emerging from the semi-comatose form lying next to me). It was also the first morning in six that the sun had shown itself, a nice touch I thought and somewhat appropriate […]

Social Media: Leadership’s new Meteorite!

Tweet There can be little doubt that the biggest challenge leaders will face into the future will be the impact of social media technology on leadership. Whilst in the United States last month I picked up a book titled, ‘Open Leadership: How Social Technology Can Transform The Way You lead’ by Charlene Li. It is […]

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Tweet Anybody who knows me, knows that I am a Liverpool supporter through and through. My firstborn and eldest son, once the the name ‘Liverpool’ had been roundly condemned at the time of his his debut some 24 years ago (still can’t understand the rejection), was eventually named Keegan. Enough said. This week Liverpool manager […]

Departing for Beijing

Departing for Beijing

Tweet I am about to board a flight to Beijing where I will be involved in the Global Leaders Conference (GLC) together with Graeme Codrington (TomorrowToday/ UK) and Nick Barker (Director of the Asia Pacific Leadership Program). I will be presenting on ‘Rethinking Strategy’. Looking forward to this trip – one which always yields wonderful […]