Some background to Keith Coats, the leadership expert


My primary focus is on leadership in a changing world – looking at the shifts required of leaders and organisations in both their thinking and practice when it comes to leadership. Allied to this focus area are future trends and disruption, diversity and bringing out the best in those you lead.

As a founding partner in TomorrowToday, I have had the privilege of working across multiple industries in a global context at both an executive and senior leadership level. I am comfortable in addressing sizable conferences to executive teams sitting around the boardroom table, and have repeatedly been told that the thinking that I, and TomorrowToday represents, is amongst the very best anywhere and is truly world class. I look forward to connecting with you.

I have formally studied leadership teams in organistaion change and have a background in both corporate banking and the non-profit sector in South Africa. I am a published author and at the request of the King of Sweden did work with the Sweden Economic Forum.

Enough about me – what does this mean for you!

Much of the work we do as TomorrowToday revolves around the particular theme: Leading in a Changing World. We help leaders both understand and respond to an exponentially changing world.

Leadership is always context specific and this is why leaders cannot afford to ignore or turn a blind eye to what is happening ‘out there’. The ‘out there’ will always impact on the ‘in here’ (internally within the organisation) and it is the leader’s responsibility to be the hinge between the external context and the internal realities.

All to too often leaders get too absorbed in the internal challenges and concerns at the cost of paying attention to external disruptions that could prove to be game-changers.

If you wish to challenge the status quo and stimulate thinking and action then I look forward to connecting with you!

What makes me different

Some unique distinctions include my extensive global experience – experience that includes presenting in places as diverse as Russia, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, multiple countries in South America and Europe, USA, Australia, Mauritius, the Dominican Republic and Kenya; Extensive experience in presenting to multi-cultural audiences across multiple industry and commercial sectors and through a variety of channels including business schools, associations, institutes and directly with the client.

My style is conversational, relaxed and confident. I want to engage the audience to see things differently and think for themselves.

Where in the World has Keith had an impact

Favourite Blog?

I know this might sound somewhat self-serving but my favourite blog is TomorrowToday. Why? Well it is the one place that I get to ‘hear’ and catch-up with what my colleagues are thinking and saying. I work with some amazing people and as a virtual company and one with a wide international geographical spread, we don’t get as much interaction time as we would like – connecting on our blog is my way of compensating!

Favourite book?

As a reader with a vast library, this is an almost impossible question to answer! Looking over one’s bookshelf is to trace one’s own journey and in that journey there are times where different books have played important roles in shifting thinking and / or actions. Picking a ‘favourite’ would be a disservice to the many influential books that have all played their part. So, I am going to nominate a surprising choice. It is one that I presented to each of my children on the occasion of their 21st birthday. It was a book that I thought would serve them well as they embarked on their journey as an adult. The book is by Dr Seuss and is titled, ‘Oh The Places We Would Go’. I once even used it in a formal executive leadership programme!

3 Things you can’t live without?

1. Faith: always evolving
2. Hope: my team (Liverpool) winning
3. Love: family, the embodiment of…

Your hidden talent?

Not sure, still in hiding!

No wait…maybe it is singing!